MSI GX680 Full Review

MSI GX680- Gaming/Video/Graphics Review

Great laptop for Gaming - Video Editing- Graphic designer.

The Screen-Has a 15.6 inch, Full HD screen.
The screen does not reflect that much so you can work with quite a strong back light which is an advantage.

2 HD speakers and 1 sub woofer by Dynamic Audio.
Amazing sound quality. Unbelievable that that sound comes out of a laptop. you really feel the surround comes from a laptop. Definitely one of the best features.

Geforce GT 555M:Does an excellent job with games. All games run smoothly without any lags.

Cooler Booster:When your computer start to heat, turn this on and you'll start felling the fan 

i7 2670QM-
Great speed. Best technology out there.

USB 3.0:
Great to have. Has 2 ports.

Keyboard:The down side of this laptop. some of the main key in the wrong location- delete, pagedown, "/" beside the left alt (?!!), volume up down with FN..

640GB 5400RPM:
You might want more if you're doing serious video editing. can make the render speed a little slow.

Touch-pad:Ok. Nothing more. No scrolling. If you're gaming or editing video/graphics, you need a good mouse.

3.5 KG:What can I say.. It's heavy but what can you expect..? It's a full featured computer stacked into a 'small' laptop.

HD WebCam:Nice if you travel a lot. You get a really good quality video streaming from your side.

Final conclusions:
If you're a video editor- It will definitely do the job, might want more than 5400RPM. 640 GB is fine, but you'll have to connect a external hard disk.

  • If you're a gamer- This is the computer for you.
  • If you love watching movies, listening to music- you can get better than this.
  • Great computer, minor downsides, great purchase for the price.